UConn Marine Scientists to Help Map the Sound

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The Long Island Sound, the largest estuary in the Northeast, has long provided livelihoods and recreation for hundreds of thousands of people, and has been a subject of fascination, conservation, and controversy.

Now for the first time, scientists will create comprehensive biological and geological maps of the Sound, including seafloor characteristics, water currents, and wildlife habitat. Land managers will use these maps to make critical decisions: Where should we put new natural gas pipelines? Why are lobsters dying in certain areas? Will fishing be sustainable in a high-traffic zone?

For more on this story, visit: UConn Marine Scientists to Help Map the Sound | UConn Today.


Right now, scientists know more about the surface of the moon than they do about what’s at the bottom of Long Island Sound.

But over the next year and a half, researchers from the federal and state governments working with academics from Connecticut, New York and beyond will engage in a comprehensive effort to map what’s beneath the Sound, including its animal habitats, to guide future decisions regarding its uses.

For more on this story, visit: Project to map what lies beneath Long Island Sound (photos, video)- The New Haven Register – Serving New Haven, Connecticut.

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