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Jun 25th, 2012 | By | Category: General

Here’s the note about our paywall: We don’t have one.

Environmental Headlines is, still, a free service. Our mission is to deliver Connecticut environmental news that creates real change.

That means blogging all of today’s environmental headlines for everyone to read—for free.

While other news websites are moving to monthly fees, we are staying free as long as we can so that we can have the widest possible reach and impact.

Please help us keep it that way! Donate today so we can remain free, independent, and influential. (Even $5 makes a big difference.)

(If all the Headlines regular readers voluntarily supported our work with $5 a month, we could be everything that we would LIKE to be. Our editor wouldn’t have to work a part-time job in the morning and a part-time job in the afternoon, which leaves him very little time to work full-time for Environmental Headlines! In fact, it makes it impossible for him to work full-time on the Headlines. He recalls fondly the days when he DID work full-time on the Headlines and everyone he met was AMAZED with the work he was doing.)

To support our efforts and keep us going, please visit our Support Us page.

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