National pesticide company appealing to kids sense of ‘fun’

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This dispatch from Nancy Alderman of Environment and Human Health Inc.

There is a national pesticide company called Mosquito Squad that is marketing pesticides to children.

Mosquito Squad’s website can be found at
A screenshot of a photo on the Mosquito Squad website.

A screenshot of a photo on the Mosquito Squad website.

They have a coloring book for young children to download that is about your friendly cartoon pesticide sprayer “Dread Skeeter.”  A quote from their website:

Hi. I’m Dread Skeeter. My life’s mission is to kill mosquitoes and ticks. I don’t kill because I hate. I kill because I love. I love kids. I love pets. And I know that mosquitoes and ticks carry diseases that hurt kids and pets. (Adults, too, but I don’t get all mushy over adults – well, maybe moms and grandmas, but that’s where a manly man draws the line.)
The coloring book is a PDF file so you will have to click the blue type and then download it.  It just takes a second. (Editor’s Note: Please do not give this “coloring book” to your children to have fun coloring. I don’t know what marketer or salesperson came up with this idea, but it is generally understood that it is not a good idea to be friendly with pesticides as they are to be handled and applied only by licensed professionals.)
The next connection from their website is all the pictures of “Dreed Skeeter” in a parade – another picture of your friedly pesticide sprayer  is with a clown. Click the blue type below for those pictures.
Federal and State Governments do not allow the tobacco industry to market to children and we should not be allowing the pesticide industry to market to children either.  Young children, especially of coloring book age,  do not have the knowledge or expertise to decide where or whether pesticides should be used.
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