MowGreen Augmenting Push Reels with Cordless Electric Rotary

Jun 29th, 2012 | By | Category: Business

Black and Decker spm1936 Cordless
Reel mowers are like many little scissors snipping the grass, which is why they are healthier for the grass than rotary power mowers which rip the grass rather than clip it. However, sometimes the cut is smoother with rotaries, especially when grass gets too long for reel mowers to be effective.
So we acquired some cordless electric mowers to catch up with overgrown lawns due to rain delays and to offer an alternative look in some situations. Giving MowGreeners a rest with the self propulsion instead of pushing all the time is also a good thing, and finally, these units mulch grass and leaves more finely than reels.

We have tested the mower and it works well, with each battery providing 30 to 45 minutes of runtime.
We charge the batteries at MG HQ from electric backed by the wind power option in the CT Clean Energy Options program. We will be getting mobile solar panels to allow charging in the field.

You can order your own Black and Decker Cordless SPM1936 through Amazon – best done by clicking through from MowGreen’s website on the item, so we get a few percent for the promotion. You get the same low Amazon price but support the MowGreen cause.

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