‘Advertising a controlled substance to children is a bad idea and should be stopped’: EHHI

Jul 19th, 2012 | By | Category: Featured Story, Health
From Nancy Alderman at Environment and Human Health Inc.
Although the franchise pesticide spraying business, “Mosquito Squad,”  (http://www.mosquitosquad.com) has taken down their coloring book for toddlers – their cartoon pesticide spraying mascot, “Dred Skeeter,” is all over YouTube —  he is at parades, playing with children, playing with small dogs, attending baseball games etc.
Is this “free speech” protected by the constitution – or is this like tobacco’s “Joe Camel”  that was banned after it was ruled that advertising tobacco to children was wrong.   Advertising a controlled substance to children is a very bad idea — and pesticides are a controlled substance.
Environment and Human Health, Inc.  thinks this is very serious and should be stopped.  Children cannot assess the benefits or dangers of pesticide uses – and pesticide uses should not be reduced to being promoted by a cartoon character. Pesticides are regulated by the EPA — and in this state by the CT DEEP.  It is not a substance to be taken lightly – and certainly should not be put in the same category as Mickey Mouse or Sponge Bob.
The following blue-type websites are all YouTubes of the cartoon pesticide spraying character “Dred Skeeter” and can be accessed by clicking them.
Wow! Yes, let’s turn our kids onto pesticides!


A screenshot from the Mosquito Squad website.

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