Planners Call Route 34 Design Cutting Edge

Jul 25th, 2012 | By | Category: General

First-in-the-nation raised intersections. First-in-the-state narrowed lanes and “bike boxes.” So what’s the problem?

Depends whom you ask.

City officials describe as cutting edge some traffic-calming measures planned for the $35 million overhaul of the Route 34 mini-highway-to-nowhere. Some bike and pedestrian advocates, meanwhile, blast the plan and continue to push for further improvements.

For more on this story, visit: Planners Call Route 34 Design Cutting Edge | New Haven Independent.

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One Comment to “Planners Call Route 34 Design Cutting Edge”

  1. Ohan Karagozian says:

    RT34 development is an ecological disaster just waiting to happen. The increased traffic that will flow into this beehive of urban development will be unimaginable. But all that aside, the redirection of non-hospital traffic to slower side streets (by design slower, mind you) will logarithmically increase and intensify the pollution in an area encased by monolithic edifices (modern buildings) that are designed to house people as a beehive would house bees! You have no idea the exhaustive expense spent on efficiency studies and design. These new buildings would make a Tokyo subway train car in rush hour look like a palacial expanse with limitless bounds. The 100 College street development – one single building – will have over 400,000 square feet of efficient office space. There are dozens of other buildings slated to built, albeit not so large, in the vicinity increasing traffic flow. People working at these building will be driving in and out of New Haven daily! Daily! Hundreds and hundreds of them with cars, SUV’s and whatever other fossil fuel vehicle available.

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