Should we retire this sickening coal plant?

Aug 4th, 2012 | By | Category: Featured Story

A dispatch from Sylvia Broude, Incoming Executive Director, Toxics Action Center

For more than forty years, the Bridgeport Harbor Station coal-burning power plant has been belching out smog, soot and other toxins.

And we’re sick of it. Literally.

Asthma mortality rates in Bridgeport are ten  times higher for children and three times higher for seniors than the state average.1

We know that pollution from Bridgeport Harbor Station is a big contributor to the area’s poor air quality.2 Pollution from the coal-burning power plant not only aggravates asthma, it also leads to heart and lung disease and neurological problems.3 The good news is that the operating permits for the Bridgeport Harbor Station have expired. The bad news is that the coal plant’s owners, the New Jersey-based company PSEG, have applied for renewal.

Why keep the Bridgeport’s ancient coal plant going? Tell PSEG to retire the Bridgeport Harbor Station coal plant.

PSEG CEO Ralph Izzo said of his company, “We believe in practicing what we preach by continuing to improve our own environmental footprint.” 4

We say, prove it. Retire the coal plant and clear the way for clean development in Bridgeport.

Tell PSEG CEO Ralph Izzo to live up to his company’s promise and retire Bridgeport Harbor Station.








Sylvia Broude

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