At Share Haven, People Bank On Time –

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Share Haven operates using online services provided by Time Banks USA. Members with Internet access create a profile with their contact information, a picture of themselves, a list of offers and requests, and their skills. All hours of service are logged online. If a member does not have Internet access, someone else from the time bank may create a profile for them, and they can field their requests over the phone.

Adam Wascholl, coordinator of Share Haven, said people are attracted to the idea of a time bank because of the simplicity of the concept.

“People understand time,” he said. “The common denominator of humans is time. We all have the same amount of time in a day.”

The variety of services offered within a group varies depending on the skills and talents of its members. The most common requests are for handiwork, odd jobs, lawn care, and rides to and from appointments. They can be as exotic, however, as oboe lessons, German tutoring, or even the rock climbing lessons offered by Freed to fellow Share Haven members.

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