CTLCV Endorses 27 in Races for General Assembly Seats

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Hartford, CT (August 10, 2012) – Today, the bipartisan Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) named its slate of endorsed candidates for election to the Connecticut General Assembly in the November 6 elections.

To date, CTLCV has endorsed a bipartisan slate of 27 candidates, all of whom demonstrate strong leadership on environmental issues. All endorsed candidates must be committed to protecting Connecticut’s land, water, air, and wildlife, and to working for sustainable solutions to pressing state issues like transportation, energy, and waste management.

“If you care about the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the wonderful parks and landscapes in Connecticut, then pay attention to what candidates are saying about environmental issues,” said CTLCV Executive Director Lori Brown. “The candidates we endorse are reliable in their core environmental values and we urge people in their districts to support them at the polls on Nov. 6.”

In Connecticut General Assembly races, CTLCV endorses:

  • Rep. James Albis (D-House 99)
  • Rep. David Baram (D-House 15)
  • Sen. Toni Boucher (R-Senate 26)
  • Candidate Jason Bowsza (D-House 57)
  • Rep. Michelle Cook (D-House 65)
  • Rep. Andrew Fleischmann (D-House 18)
  • Rep. Mae Flexer (D-House 44)
  • Rep. Livvy Floren (R-House 149)
  • Rep. Gregory Haddad (D-House 54)
  • Candidate John Hampton (D-House 16)
  • Rep. Gail Lavielle (R-House 143)
  • Rep. Matthew Lesser (D-House 100)
  • Candidate Liz Linehan (D-House 103)
  • Rep. Geoff Luxemberg (D-House 12)
  • Sen. Edward Meyer (D-Senate 12)
  • Rep. Philip Miller (D-House 36)
  • Rep. Mary Mushinsky (D-House 85)
  • Candidate Christopher Phelps (D-House 32)
  • Rep. Matthew Ritter (D-House 1)
  • Rep. Kim Rose (D-House 118)
  • Rep. Jonathan Steinberg (D-House 136)
  • Rep. Diana Urban (D-House 43)
  • Rep. William Wadsworth (R-House 21)
  • Rep. Patricia Widlitz (D-House 98)
  • Rep. Roberta Willis (D-House 64)
  • Rep. Terrie Wood (R-House 141)
  • Rep. Elissa Wright (D-House 41)

By endorsing candidates who care about environmental values, the League is helping to elect people who will make good decisions that affect the state’s environment every day. “Connecticut’s economic and environmental quality of life has always depended on our natural resources.  We are counting on our endorsed candidates to champion smart environmental policies that will protect these irreplaceable assets,”  said Brown.

Every election year, CTLCV surveys candidates on their positions, records, and plans for protecting the environment. The League also interviews candidates as appropriate and reviews incumbents’ voting records in its Annual Environmental Scorecard.  CTLCV will only consider endorsing candidates who have responded to the survey.

CTLCV has posted survey responses from all candidates seeking CTLCV’s endorsement at


About the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters

Formed in 1998, the bipartisan Connecticut League of Conservation Voters works with legislators and environmental leaders in Connecticut. Their goal is to get sustainable environmental policies enacted at the state level that affect our air, water, wildlife, open space, transportation, energy choices, and health. CTLCV helps educate state legislators about issues, notifies them about important upcoming votes, and produces an annual environmental scorecard to track their individual voting records.

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