Help solve our sooty mess, from Environment Connecticut

Aug 14th, 2012 | By | Category: General

A dispatch from Johanna Neumann, Environment Connecticut Regional Director

Tens of thousands of Americans’ lives are cut short every year because of soot pollution.

As alarming as that is, what’s worse is that we’ve had the technology for years to clean up the largest sources of soot pollution—power plants and diesel vehicles—but polluters have dragged their feet instead of cleaning up their acts.

The good news is that this summer, the EPA stepped in and proposed tougher air quality standards for soot pollution. Though polluters are fighting their hardest to obstruct these life-saving standards, the EPA will move forward if they receive enough public support.

Tell the EPA you want the strongest possible standard to clean up soot pollution.

Soot pollution is particularly deadly because it’s made up of particles small enough to penetrate our lung tissue and enter our blood stream, causing a host of respiratory and cardiovascular problems including asthma, chronic bronchitis, and heart attacks.

Why does the EPA need to hear your voice? Because polluters and their allies are making their voices heard loud and clear. The American Petroleum Institute and others are urging the EPA to keep the status quo, even though numerous scientific studies have found that the status quo means dangerous levels of soot pollution that threaten our health.

Push back on the polluters and tell the EPA you want the strongest possible soot pollution standard.

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