37,400 clean energy jobs announced in second quarter, but PTC threat already slowing wind industry

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Top 10 Clean Job States: California, Florida and New York Landed Most Clean Energy Jobs in 2nd Quarter; Michigan, Colorado, Ohio, New Jersey, Illinois, Nebraska and Mississippi Rounded Out Biggest-Gaining States.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 16, 2012) – As many as 37,409 jobs could be created from the more than 70 major clean energy projects announced across the United States during the second quarter of 2012, according to the latest quarterly Clean Energy Jobs Roundup from Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), the national group of business leaders who advocate for sound economic and environmental policies.

A worker helps install the wind turbine at Phoenix Press in New Haven.

A worker helps install the wind turbine at Phoenix Press in New Haven.

While noting the major advances made in clean energy employment in the second quarter, the E2 report also shows that the potential end of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) already is putting a damper on the growth in the wind industry.

In the second quarter, E2 tracked 12 wind generation project announcements that are poised to create about 2,300 jobs.

In the first quarter of this year, E2 tracked 31 wind power generation project announcements that would create more than 9,100 jobs.

“The good news is that despite the challenging economic and political environment, the clean energy industry is still creating badly needed American jobs all across the country,” said Judith Albert, executive director of Environmental Entrepreneurs.

“The bad news is that the threats to the wind industry because of uncertainty over the Production Tax Credit are very real, and are already taking its toll on job creation in that sector,” she said.

According to the E2 report, the top 10 clean energy job states in the second quarter were:

1. California (16 projects announced with 20,879 possible jobs).
2. Florida (3 projects announced with 7,375 possible jobs).
3. New York (3 projects announced with 1,408 possible jobs).
4. Michigan (9 projects announced with 1,319 possible jobs).
5. Colorado (2 projects announced with 1,100 possible jobs).
6. Ohio (4 projects announced with 712 possible jobs).
7. New Jersey (2 projects announced with 600 possible jobs).
8. Illinois (4 projects announced with 542 possible jobs).
9. Nebraska (1 project announced with 500 possible jobs).
10. Mississippi (1 project announced with 426 possible jobs).

Other findings:

  • Clean energy projects were announced in 30 states in the second quarter. Nearly one-third of the announcements were in Midwest states, including Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois.
  • Clean energy projects cross over party lines. A total of 35 clean energy projects were announced in Democratic districts and 31 in Republican districts. Nine projects spanned districts represented by both Democratic and Republican lawmakers.
  • Public transportation, electric vehicle manufacturing and power generation announcements led the clean energy sector for job growth.For the full text of the E2 report on top states for clean energy jobs in the second quarter of 2012, go to http://www.e2.org/cleanjobs.
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