Powering Connecticut: Does Connecticut need another nuclear power plant?

Aug 17th, 2012 | By | Category: General

Do we need another nuclear plant in the state, or are the risks too great? Should we reduce our reliance on nuclear power? What other sources of energy should we invest in?

Our guests include David Talbot, chief correspondent for Technology Review magazine at MIT, who wrote an article called “The Great German Energy Experiment” about Germany’s plan to eliminate nuclear plants. Also joining us is Dr. Regis Matzie, secretary of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering, to talk about a recent study he helped to conduct called Advances in Nuclear Power Technology.

For more on this story, visit: Powering Connecticut | yourpublicmedia.org.

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One Comment to “Powering Connecticut: Does Connecticut need another nuclear power plant?”

  1. James Aach says:

    FYI: When considering nuclear power it may be helpful to get an view from inside the power plant. In military matters we consider both what the generals and politicians are saying and what the troops on the ground are reporting back. There has been little of that in energy discussions. I can offer a profile of what real life is like inside a US nuclear plant in good times, and what it might be like in bad times, based on my years in the industry. I have posted this online free. My novel “Rad Decision” is available at my webpage (or just google the title) with plenty of reader reviews. Lay persons seem to find it both informative and entertaining. The media has shown little interest . (They’re too busy, I guess.)

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