Colchester Land Trust prints the local phone book?

Aug 20th, 2012 | By | Category: Featured Story

This doesn’t make sense to me — someone who believes the phone book should be all but banned — but The Norwich Bulletin reports that the Colchester Land Trust is accepting bids from printers for the production and publication of the 2012 edition of its local phone book.

Phone book recycling bins in Branford, Connecticut. Ban the phone book.

Phone book recycling bins in Branford, Connecticut. (cjzurcher) Ban the phone book.

Now I’ve seen what happens when the phone books are delivered nowdays and it’s not pretty. But I haven’t seen what happens when the local Colchester phone book is printed and delivered, so maybe I’m off base.

Streets and front yards like this one are littered with phone books whenever they are delivered. I suspect (and I hope) Colchester Land Trust will not throw their phone books on people’s front lawns. They may even deliver them through the US Mail and they may even raise lots of money to support land preservation through the sale of advertising in said phone books. But I can guarantee you they will mostly sit unused in kitchen drawers in residents’ homes. This to me seems like a waste of natural resources (paper to print it on) and money.

Still, since most businesses are online (and I would guess this is true in the smallish town of Colchester as much as it is true in any town), and since most people have a veritable phone book embedded in their pockets via their smart phones, Androids, iPhones, etc., wouldn’t it be an environmentally AND fiscally responsible idea to ask the citizens “Who wants a printed phone book?”

For more on this story, visit: Colchester Land Trust seeks bids for new phone book – Norwich, CT – The Bulletin.

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