Connecticut recycling rates increasing among 64 towns

Aug 27th, 2012 | By | Category: Recycling

Officials with the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority said Monday that the agency’s Mid-Connecticut Project has just recorded the sixth consecutive year its recycling rate increased amongst its 64 member cities and towns.

The recycling rate for the Mid-Connecticut Project in fiscal 2012 was 11.46 percent. That represents a .37 percent increase in recycling for the participating communities. The towns delivered 91,779 tons of paper, cardboard, cans, bottles and electronics to CRRA to be recycled during the one year period that ended June 30.

For more on this story, visit: Connecticut recycling rates increasing amongst 64 towns; mixed results locally- The New Haven Register – Serving New Haven, Connecticut.

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One Comment to “Connecticut recycling rates increasing among 64 towns”

  1. Gene DeJoannis says:

    This seems terribly LOW. Do you mean that barely 11-1/2 percent of the total waste stream was recycled? I thought it was in the high 20 percent range. But even that seems low. Is data available by town?

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