Would you want a DC-Boston high speed train to stop in New Haven? Then submit a comment.

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The Federal Railroad Administration has proposed a high speed train route between Boston and Washington, DC.  This route does not include a stop in New Haven.  The businesses and residents of our city would benefit from the train stopping here.  The EDC of New Haven is asking those interested in having the train stop in New Haven to write letters to the FRA providing your thoughts and feelings on this matter.  Comments are due by September 14, 2012.
To find out more, including a template for a letter, click HERE.
The EDC Team Alerts You to a Transportation Project Which May Affect Your Business
As you are well aware, one of New Haven’s major economic strengths lies in the City’s intercity and commuter rail services provided by Metro-North, Amtrak and Shoreline East.  Recently, the Federal Railroad Administration, which administers high speed rail projects and oversees Amtrak service, announced a 30-year, $151 billion investment proposal. When complete, this investment will provide reliable and more frequent intercity rail service between Boston and Washington, DC.  However, the FRA intends to analyze (and Amtrak supports) a new rail line alignment, which would run from New York to Danbury, Hartford, Providence and Boston.  The proposal essentially is to create a high speed route that bypasses New Haven, Stamford and Bridgeport – three of the state’s major economic centers.
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3 Comments to “Would you want a DC-Boston high speed train to stop in New Haven? Then submit a comment.”

  1. Dave S says:

    How about more parking first. I am always hearing about schemes to expand rail services, but nothing ever happens to expand parking. The New Haven lot is full after 8AM…

  2. sheila o'neill says:

    CT stops are a must!! The state owns the tracks! College bound students, visitors, tourists, business people, all need designated stops.

  3. Anna says:

    New Haven is already served by a reasonable rail line. Would like to see a stop in Hartford, our capital city needs to be connected! This paired with a light rail service to Bradley airport would transform our region.

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