Interesting Living Possibility: Are YOU ready to BECOME the CHANGE?

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Interesting Living Possibility

We know the facts: We are destroying our planet through our addiction to cheap energy and our consumption driven economy. But knowledge is only the beginning.

Are YOU ready to BECOME the CHANGE?

Let’s start transitioning!

We have purchased two houses in Fairhaven (with other individuals having purchased two more, all within one block) and are fixing up the apartments now. Five of us are already living in the two houses and there are nine others (+ 2 kids) in the other two. One of the houses has three separate apartments. The other house consists of two apartments, however, we seek to make this house more of a sharing house, with a total of seven people having access to both apartments. This house will have common library, living room, dining room, and kitchen space.

We project that by October 1 we will have two apartments (2-3 bedrooms each) plus 4 individual rooms that will be available to rent. A third floor apartment rents for $1050 and a first floor apartment rents for $1150. Three of the individual rooms will be in the sharing house and will rent from $360 – $390 with one room available in a two-bedroom apartment for $575.

We are looking for unique and forward thinking individuals to join our experiment in “transitioning” and practicing a low-impact, low consumption, simple, local, healthy, fun, co-operative and conscious lifestyle.

Some current common interests are organic gardening and permaculture, meditation, yoga, preventative and holistic health, and working on ways to improve our communication and ability to work well together.

We have already made progress with the following projects:

Starting an organic garden

Raising hens

Shared meals. One of us is a macrobiotic chef!

Setting up a bike shop

Creating a woodworking shop

Having event nights (Movies, Games, Potlucks, etc)

We are in the exploratory phase of making a common library and living room space, providing bulk-buying opportunities, making our own food products, maintaining some exercise equipment, creating a music space, having a book club… Bring your ideas!!

If you or anyone you know are interested in learning more,
please contact Adam King at 203-209-1773

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