Ivy League Goes Green with Bicycle Friendly Universities

Oct 25th, 2012 | By | Category: Bicycling, Transportation

Yale and Princeton are already among the nation’s elite colleges. Now they’re among the top universities when it comes to bicycling, too. Today the League announced the designation of nine new Bicycle Friendly Universities, growing the program to 44 colleges in 25 states.

At Yale, a new Bronze level BFU, bicycling is on the rise, thanks to both a student and a departmental bike sharing system; “commuter counseling” for the Yale community, an annual Bicyclist Appreciation Breakfast and more.

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One Comment to “Ivy League Goes Green with Bicycle Friendly Universities”

  1. Lynne Shapiro says:

    But one trouble with Yale is that its culture is elitist about bus transit services. They have their own shuttles that take custom away from the public buses and I have personally seen some of the younger students express very demeaning remarks about the local buses. Also recent Yale developments–the new health center and at Science Park are not at all transit friendly for their lower salaried workers. The health center is a monument to 1950’s car-centric modern architecture development.

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