A warning about outdoor wood furnaces from EHHI

Nov 20th, 2012 | By | Category: Featured Story

A note from Nancy Alderman of Environment and Human Health, Inc.

The phone calls are coming in to Environment and Human Health, Inc. (EHHI) once again from people whose neighbor’s have installed outdoor wood furnaces (OWFs) over the summer — and they are just now starting them up.  People cannot believe that neighbors are allowed to smoke them out of their homes 24/7 – but that, in fact, is the case in CT and in many other states.

Wood smoke has many of the same components  as cigarette smoke,  and is seriously bad for one’s health if it is breathed in on a continuous basis.

Unless your local health director will shut the OWF down –  you are basically stuck – even if you and your family becomes sick from breathing in your neighbor’s wood smoke.  Some people now have more that one outdoor wood  furnace affecting them.

What is the answer?

People have got to go to their town’s planning and zoning commissions and ask that OWFs be banned in their town.  If they don’t do that – and an OWF pops up near them – they will either breathe in wood smoke 24/7 or they can move —  and then they will loose the value of their home  – as no one wants to buy a house near an OWF.

The towns in CT that have banned OWFs are:  Granby, Tolland, Hebron, Woodbridge, South Windsor,  Portland, Norfolk, Ridgefield, Haddam, Cheshire, West Hartford, Hamden, North Haven, New Fairfield, Rocky Hill, Avon and Simsbury.

If  a CT  town is not on this list – people in that town are in  jeopardy – and we are not saying that lightly. EHHI can help you learn how to get your town to ban OWFs  – but once a neighbor installs one – their is little anyone can do for you other than to tell you to contact your local health department.

OWFs  are popping up everywhere and people need to protect themselves – as there are almost no protections from either the federal government or the state government.

Please take this warning seriously – your health could depend on it.

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