Climate Justice Advocates Slam Doha’s Emerging ‘Sham of a Deal’

Dec 8th, 2012 | By | Category: General

‘Sluggish’ climate talks missing essential ingredient—Urgency—as COP18 climate summit in Doha nears end

Jon Queally, Common Dreams staff writer

With terms like “sluggish” “tough-going” and “extremely sour” used to describe the tone and progress of the UN climate talks in Doha on Friday, the hope for an agreement that could actually meet the ever-escalating challenges of global warming caused by human pollution was seemingly at an all-time low.

On what was scheduled to be the conference’s final day, campaigners say the climate agreement being generated in Doha is “an empty shell” and “an insult to our futures.”

Climate campaigners and civil society groups are convinced that the commitments being exchanged among the international delegates are not nearly enough, exposing the ongoing futility of trying to get rich nations to take responsibility for their outsized carbon footprints or increase their meager financial commitments to developing nations.

For more on this story, visit: Climate Justice Advocates Slam Doha’s Emerging ‘Sham of a Deal’ | Common Dreams.

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