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Dec 16th, 2012 | By | Category: General

Hurricane Sandy inflicted heavy damage on the northeastern U. S. states of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut on October 29, 2012. Much of the damage arose from the storm surge of unprecedented intensity that accompanied the storm.

This post summarizes several recent scientific articles characterizing melting of polar ice, historical sea level rise over recent decades, and model calculations projecting future sea level rise. Melting of polar ice, higher sea levels, and stronger storm surges have occurred in recent years, in conjunction with the long-term increase in global average temperature. Model projections incorporating various scenarios that continue to emit carbon dioxide predict that sea levels will continue rising to high levels for the next 290 years.

The nations of the world will continue paying the damages caused by extreme events such as Hurricane Sandy, with expenses passed on as higher tax rates and higher insurance premiums, among others. As an alternative to spending resources on such remediation, humanity should undertake investment in technologies that limit greenhouse gas emissions, and indeed should deploy industrial scale technologies that deplete carbon dioxide already emitted from the atmosphere.

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