President Obama Proposes Expanded Growth of Sustainable Energy

Jan 23rd, 2013 | By | Category: General

In his second inaugural address U. S. President Barack Obama highlighted the need for developing sustainable energy sources. He noted the damages inflicted by recent extreme weather and climate events. He then set forth the objective of expanding the role of sustainable energy in the American economy, expressing the intent to make the U. S. a world leader in this field. By including this topic among the relatively few areas covered in his remarks, he emphasized the importance he ascribes to making sustainable energy a significant portion of the American economy.

… President Obama is to be commended for including the policy objective of combating global warming by developing a robust American renewable energy industry in his second inaugural address.  This emphasis is highly significant, for it is one of only a few major policy themes developed in the speech, showing that he regards this issue with high priority.  This policy is broadly supported among the American public.  Practical implementation of this policy would be a major accomplishment of President Obama’s final term in office.

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