Monsanto flirts with disaster, owns the world anyway

Apr 9th, 2013 | By | Category: General

A Win for Monsanto, a Loss for the World

The Ag giant has shown uncanny resilience—which bodes poorly for the planet’s future.

By Tom Laskawy

The top execs at Monsanto Corp. must be running around HQ these days like director James Cameron post-Titanic, screaming “We’re king of the world!” It’s an understandable reaction. Between a likely Supreme Court win, the recently passed Monsanto Protection Act, and the company’s victory over a government antitrust investigation, the company has been on quite a winning streak.

Odd, then, to remember that less than three years ago, CNBC’s stock market “analyst” Jim Cramer declared that Monsanto’s was “the worst stock of 2010.” This came just before Forbes magazine all but withdrew its 2010 accolade that Monsanto was “company of the year.”

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