Tanning bill compromise passes CT Senate — a note from Nancy Alderman

May 17th, 2013 | By | Category: Health

A compromise tanning Bill ban has just passed the CT Senate — and it passed unanimously. Environment and Human Health, Inc. — along with  just about every health organization in CT –  as well as a lot of  very dedicated individuals —  worked to pass a ban on tanning bed use for minors.  CT legislators did not want to ban tanning beds for all minors – and so a compromise Bill was struck to ban their use for everyone under 17 —  not everyone under 18.
That Bill having passed the Senate – now has to pass the house – but because it was a compromise Bill —  worked on very hard by all parties — it does look very promising.  This has been a 3 year battle – and this year there were so many groups all working together that  the chances for success improved greatly.
Industry has fought very hard to keep their tanning beds open to all —  no matter what the science is showing – and the science is showing high rates of early onset  melanomas for those using tanning beds.

Best, Nancy Alderman

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