Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Connecticut recognizes progress on control of toxic substances

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Urges CT Lawmakers to pass CT bill as necessary complement

HARTFORD — The Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Connecticut today acknowledged a recent bi-partisan federal effort to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) with its leader Anne Hulick RN, MSN, JD saying, “It’s about time that our outdated, inadequate law is reformed. For years we’ve maintained that protecting children from toxic chemicals should not be a partisan issue. We all either have or know kids who have been exposed to chemicals since conception – the time is now to address it.”

Hulick added that the federal bill is the result of groups coming together recognizing that we need more protective chemical policy and actually supports what we are trying to do here in Connecticut.

The Coalition held a Rally for Toxic-Free Kids at the State Capitol last week to urge immediate action on behalf of lawmakers on House Bill 6489, which once amended would authorize the state Department of Public Health to review chemicals of concern to children and provide recommendations to lawmakers every two years on how to protect children from the most egregious of these chemicals. Hulick said that if passed, the state and federal bills would complement each other and together help to protect Connecticut’s youngest citizens.

Hulick said that the latest research findings show childhood brain cancer and leukemia has risen 20% since the 1970s, adult cancers of the breast, prostate, thyroid and kidney are on the rise, and autism spectrum disorder has seen a ten-fold increase in just over 15 years – and peer-reviewed research has shown a link between all of these and toxic chemical exposure. She added that both the federal and state proposed legislation are common-sense steps in the right direction.”

“As Coach Calhoun so aptly stated at our press event last week, toxic chemicals are bi-product of what makes our country great – innovation to make things better. No one believes that chemicals now known to be toxic to children were designed to hurt – but we do have an obligation to ensure that our kids’ toys and other products are not causing harm,” said Hulick, who added, “The Coach’s message is a sound one – if we have the technology to make these chemicals, we certainly have the ability to make these chemicals better.”

The Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Connecticut is made up of more than 50 member organizations representing health professionals, parents, nurses, workers, businesses, environmentalists, occupational safety advocates, people of faith and individuals whose health has been impacted by toxic chemicals.

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