Stop the raid on tens of millions of dollars from utility ratepayers

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A note from Roger Smith and Justin Haaheim, of Clean Water Action

In the middle of the night on Saturday, the State House of Representatives approved a budget, negotiated with the governor, which raids tens of million dollars from utility ratepayers to plug a budget hole. It diverts $5 million from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) auctions that have been supporting heating oil efficiency and solar power along with $6 million this year, and $24.2 million next year, from the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA; formerly the CT Clean Energy Fund). That is nearly CEFIA’s entire budget! Take action and call your Senator and Representative today. Find their numbers and a sample script at

This Saturday night massacre would cripple CEFIA’s ability to function, killing the nation’s “first green bank.” We need to fight back before a final vote (today!): Click here or scroll down for a script and make a call to your senator and representative now.

If this budget passes, these vital programs are on the chopping block:

Residential solar rebates and leases
Clean Energy Communities
Commercial PACE
Energy financing programs
and more…

Click here and call now!

The state budget and scheme to raid these vital funds comes on top of the bill to weaken the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (SB 1138), and put ratepayers on the hook for massive natural gas pipeline expansions (HB 6360). This is the most anti-clean energy legislative session we have seen in the past decade. Take action today and let your Senator and Representative know that this is unacceptable – call now!

Our governor and top legislative leaders got us into this mess. We need the support of ordinary legislative members to get us out.

Please make two calls

Your State Senator: 860-240-8600 (Democrats) or 860-240-8800 (Republicans)
Your State Representative: 860-240-8500 (Democrats) or 860-240-8700 (Republicans)

Don’t know their names? Find them here

Sample Script

I would like to speak to Senator/Representative ______
(expect to leave a message)

Please personalize with why you care about this issue:
“I am a constituent and want to ask Senator/Rep________ to speak out against new energy taxes in the state budget. I am appalled that the state is raiding money that is supposed to help ratepayers reduce their energy costs and switch to clean energy.

This raid will destroy the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority, taking away $24 million out of a budget of $27 million and spell the end of our residential solar programs. I am outraged that this legislature is the worst for clean energy and the environment that we’ve had in the last decade.

Please let me know what Senator/Rep __________ will do on this issue.”

Thanks for your action!

Roger Smith and Justin Haaheim,
Clean Water Action

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