Mass. energy chief pushing wind turbine initiative

Jul 1st, 2013 | By | Category: General

Massachusetts’ top energy official says there will be new efforts to help developers install wind turbines and make it easier for communities to live with them.

The Cape Cod Times reports that Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Richard Sullivan announced the initiative Thursday.

For more on this story, visit: Mass. energy chief pushing wind turbine initiative – Connecticut Post.

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One Comment to “Mass. energy chief pushing wind turbine initiative”

  1. charles weiler says:

    Sadly, the world turns into the wind — or the sun – each of which is sporatic at best, and very inefficient. Each is vulnerable to “wind” and weather and rated for operation about 4 hours per day annually.

    Increasingly, geothermal heating, air conditioning, and hot water are entering the public vocabulary — one building at a time. Geo-heating delivers $7 of heating “equivalence” for every $1 invested, and runs 24/7 in any weather – it is FEMA’s “energy of choice” in response to any disaster. Geothermal technologies have few moving parts, virtually no service requirements, use NO natural gas, and has NO emission — creating a ZERO carbon footprint.

    If the Mass. energy “tzar” would focus sustainable renewable energy credits (SRECs) toward the installation of geothermal heat pumps in every building type, Mass. could cut its fossil fuel needs by more than 30% and forever trend toward ZERO fossil fuel used to heat empty offices, vacation homes, and residences. Your car sitting in the parking lot or driveway is using NO fossil fuel — so forget the Hybrid and install 100-year old geothermal HVAC instead. Thanks for reading.

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