Vermont, now Connecticut, Models for Diverting Organics

Jul 2nd, 2013 | By | Category: Energy
With the June 20 signing of Connecticut’s Public Act 13-285, An Act Concerning Recycling and Jobs, the Constitution State will start to divert organics to organics recycling facilities next year. At the same time, we might be observing the beginning of a new pattern that will be very good for biogas and composting businesses. It can also easily benefit waste haulers and others in the waste management industry.

… Two bills provides a significant step forward for the organic waste sector of the biomass industry—especially financing new projects. They also beg the question: Could this kind of policy, once [sic] that requires organic waste generators to send their waste to a recycling facility if such a facility exists nearby, be one that might be adopted in other states? And perhaps federally?

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