Call for Nominations: Rockfall Environmental Certificates of Appreciation Awards (Middlesex County)

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The Rockfall Foundation Certificate of Appreciation is given, as appropriate, to one or more individuals or organizations who have demonstrated environmental leadership by initiating and/or carrying out noteworthy programs and projects in the area of natural resource preservation, conservation, restoration or development that contribute to the quality of life in Middlesex County and environs.

Conservation is work to eliminate or decrease our use of finite natural resources and our negative impacts on ecosystems and communities. For example: An individual who plays a substantial role in organizing local community to pass a zoning regulation that reduces storm water pollution is doing conservation work.

Preservation is work to protect ecosystems, species, and other irreplaceable elements of the world’s natural heritage. For example: An organization that effectively campaigns to preserve a unique ecological corridor is doing preservation work.

Restoration is work to re–establish the healthy functions of an ecosystem; parts of ecosystems; and human communities that manage ecosystems. For example: A group that effectively converts an abandoned urban lot into a community organic garden is doing restoration work..

Development is work to develop and grow a stronger culture for environmental issues and natural resource sustainability. For example: An individual or group that rallies forces to double the rate of recycling in a community is doing development work.

Eligible adult individuals (18 years and older) can be volunteers or professionals, including teachers; organizations include municipalities, nonprofits, ad-hoc groups, schools, libraries, camps, etc. The activity/programs should have been initiated in the past 5 years and be currently ongoing or completed by September 2013.

The awardees will be honored at the Rockfall Foundation’s Annual meeting and Awards celebration on November 14, 2013.

To make a nomination please provide us with the following information:

1. Name of individual or organization

2. Name and brief description of project or program

2. Time frame

3. Specific contribution and demonstrations of leadership as it relates to natural resource preservation, conservation, restoration or development

4. Description of benefit as it relates to target group, place, long term

Include a name with phone numbers/emails to whom we can address follow up questions.

Deadline for submissions: deadline Sept. 1, 2013.

Please email your nominations to; or send via regular mail to: Awards Committee, The Rockfall Foundation, 27 Washington Street, Middletown, CT 06477.

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