Gov. Malloy announces plant grant application review

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Bond Commission to Vote Friday on Funding to Assist Farms Damaged by Severe Weather

(Hartford, CT) — Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced today that the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, in conjunction with the Department of Economic and Community Development, has been diligently reviewing requests for the recently announced PLANT (Production Loss Assistance Needed Today) Grants since the July 15, 2013 application deadline.

The state Bond Commission is scheduled to vote Friday on $5 million in funding for the grants, which will provide special assistance to Connecticut farms suffering damage from this year’s severe weather.

“Connecticut farms comprise some 5,000 small businesses in the state that provide food for our residents as well as other economically important products,” said Gov. Malloy.  “These businesses are disproportionately affected by severe weather, but are not well served by federal crop insurance programs.”

He added, “Many of these farms have suffered blow after blow this year — starting with excessive snowfall, rain, flooding, and storms — placing them at serious risk.  These PLANT grants will give them assistance they need right now to help salvage the growing season, strengthen operations to protect against future storms, and continue contributing to our state’s communities and economy.”

Agriculture Commissioner Steven K. Reviczky reported that his agency received 272 applications representing more than $10 million in losses.  The department is midway through an initial review to ensure requests comply with grant criteria.  As of Thursday, agriculture staff had reviewed 112 applications.

Once the total of eligible submitted losses has been finalized, a funding formula will be established for the actual awards.  The Department of Economic and Community Development will provide an additional review of requests exceeding $50,000.

Assistance may be used to recover from weather-related farm losses in a variety of ways:

  • To repair property and equipment damaged
  • To replant lost crops
  • To plant new/different crops in place of lost crops
  • To purchase feed to supplement lost hay, corn, and other crops for livestock
  • To apply fertilizer and other soil amendments
  • To apply any necessary products to prevent disease and/or pest outbreaks
  • To perform other activities needed to recover from the storms, as deemed appropriate by the commissioner of agriculture

Gov. Malloy established the PLANT Grants in June after touring farms damaged by storms and flooding.  The state Department of Agriculture and Department of Economic and Community Development will work with the non-profit Connecticut Farm Bureau Association administer awards.

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