China Considers Programs to Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Sep 12th, 2013 | By | Category: Climate Change

The world’s use of energy is expanding. Much of this demand is concentrated in developing countries of the world, especially China. Their energy needs are furnished primarily by fossil fuels, leading to high annual rates of emission of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, increasing in China historically by 6.4% per year. Coal is its principal fuel.

Jiang Kejun, a scientist at China’s Energy Research Institute, is urging its national energy policymakers to limit CO2 emissions more aggressively by emphasizing expanded renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. Mr. Jiang notes that “time for effective action is very limited.”

The drastic, yet feasible, measures promoted by Mr. Jiang are resisted by energy and industrial interests in China, since they adversely affect China’s economic growth rate and threaten the viability of existing energy investments. In the meantime, China is starting a handful of pilot projects using a cap-and-trade emissions market to limit emissions. Additionally a carbon tax and direct limits on emissions are also under consideration.

Since China is a major contributor to increased greenhouse gas emissions, it is important that it undertake all feasible policies to limit them. Global warming from manmade greenhouse gases is indeed a worldwide problem, requiring a global approach to solve it. The total accumulated level of atmospheric greenhouse gases must be stabilized by reducing annual emission rates toward zero.

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