Obama takes on coal with first-ever carbon limits; EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to address National Press Club, follow on Twitter

Sep 20th, 2013 | By | Category: Climate Change

The Obama administration will press ahead Friday with tough requirements for new coal-fired power plants, moving to impose for the first time strict limits on the pollution blamed for global warming.

The proposal would help reshape where Americans get electricity, away from a coal-dependent past into a future fired by cleaner sources of energy. It’s also a key step in President Barack Obama’s global warming plans, because it would help end what he called “the limitless dumping of carbon pollution” from power plants.

Follow EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy’s 9 a.m. National Press Club conversation on Twitter #ActOnClimate

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy will discuss EPA’s priorities in addressing climate change at a National Press Club Speakers’ event on Friday, Sept. 20 at 9 a.m. Administrator McCarthy will highlight the Administration’s commitment to carrying out President Obama’s Climate Action Plan to reduce carbon pollution and address the impacts of a changing climate. She will also discuss her vision for the
EPA and challenges the Agency will face going forward.

Follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #ActOnClimate.

For more on this story, visit: Obama takes on coal with first-ever carbon limits – WFSB 3 Connecticut.

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