TNC Report Addresses Protecting Coastal Communities from Climate Change Impacts

Oct 24th, 2013 | By | Category: Climate Change, Top Story

The Nature Conservancy released to the public today, two weeks before the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, a groundbreaking case study that provides a preliminary, comprehensive evaluation of how natural defenses, in conjunction with built solutions, can effectively be used to protect communities in New York City and around the globe from the impacts of climate change.

The highlights of “Integrating Natural Infrastructure into Urban Coastal Resilience,” the first-ever analysis of its kind, are that:

  • Natural features can be successfully used in a dense urban setting, in combination with “built” defenses, to provide efficient and cost-effective protection from sea level rise, storm surges and coastal flooding, and;
  • Innovative financing options are available to bring these hybrid approaches to reality.

“When Hurricane Sandy struck last year, it changed New York City forever,” said Bill Ulfelder, executive director of The Nature Conservancy in New York. “Sandy left a wake of destruction, and revealed just how vulnerable we are to climate change, how much is at stake, as well as how nature—wetlands, dunes, parks, forests and barrier islands — can play a critical role in helping protect us.”

To learn more about the “Integrating Natural Infrastructure into Urban Coastal Resilience Report” and to download the study in full, visit

For more on this story, visit: New York: New York City Climate Change Report | The Nature Conservancy.

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