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New Haven Healthy City/Healthy Climate Challenge

The same solutions that reduce globe warming greenhouse gases also revitalize our neighborhoods and enhance our well being.

Take a lead in creating a healthier lifestyle and community…

Healthy New Haven/HealthyClimateChallenge is a collective effort of local organizations including the New Haven Bioregional Group, Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven, Common Ground, CT Fund for the Environment, Yale Office of Sustainability, and New Haven Leon Sister City Project.

To respond to the challenge of climate change and to improve the health of the New Haven community, we propose a challenge of our own – pledge to take action that will have immediate positive impacts on local quality of life and will help mobilize local institutions to create more sustainable, efficient infrastructure.

The pledge requires a commitment to take five steps:

  • Two days of walking, biking, or public transit a month
  • Choosing the 100% renewable option on electricity
  • Two meat-free days a week
  • Recycling all glass, cans, paper, and and plastic and composting
  • Joining an environmental action alert list

There are other things we can do, click on this link: http://www.healthyclimatechallenge.org/#!get_involved/c8k2

We urge everyone to take a lead in creating a healthier lifestyle and community…be realistic, make a plan, and celebrate moving ahead.” We’ll all save some money and become healthier as we work to make the world a better place.

We hope you sign up and join us on this journey, wherever you live. Click on this link to take the pledge: http://www.healthyclimatechallenge.org/

Let’s do this thing, together.

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