GMO Report and CT NOFA’s Successes, by Bill Duesing

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Our organizing work has paid off with the first GMO labeling law in the country, with FDA’s admission of problems with the very flawed rules for the Food Safety Modernization Act and with the possibility of the Supreme Court hearing the case against Monsanto brought by the Organic Seed Growers and Traders Association, including CT NOFA.

Connecticut is the first state in the nation to have a law requiring labeling of GMOs. The first state! That “Still Revolutionary” slogan is apt. This success made a number of top ten lists in the food world.

CT NOFA was an important partner in making that happen.

Our farmer, chef and consumer members showed up at rallies, hosted informational events, spoke on panels, contacted representatives and government officials and educated and inspired their neighbors.

Our partners in this success included GMO Free CT, the Sierra Club, the United Church of Christ, the Ledge Light Health District, Food and Water Watch, Food Democracy Now, food policy councils, a wonderful bipartisan group of legislators and many others.

We succeeded because we worked together. (And because of many years of educational, advocacy and organizing work. Getting a label on GMOs was part of CT NOFA’s 10 year Vision for Connecticut created in 2006.) An important turning point was when the Republican and Democrat leaders of the Senate worked together to bring a stronger bill out of the very weak House one.

For more on this story, visit: Connecticut NOFA: GMO Report and our Successes, by Bill Duesing.

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