The Faithful Oppose Global Warming: Stewardship of God’s Creation

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The sacred writings of Judaism, Christianity and Islam include fundamental revelations that God (Allah) placed humanity on earth as part of creation. God’s (Allah’s) creation is for the benefit of humanity, leading to our prospering and growth. In turn, it is incumbent on humanity to be stewards of God’s (Allah’s) creation so that it can continue to support our prosperity and that of future generations, our progeny.

Man-made global warming and its worsening pace threaten the ability of the created world that we inhabit to sustain the diversity of life, including its human population, today and in the future. Worsening global warming brings more, and more intense, extremes of weather and climate with their attendant harms. The faithful regard stewardship of God’s (Allah’s) creation as including the imperative to mitigate worsening global warming, and to implement adaptive projects to help minimize its harmful effects.

Global warming has been accelerating since the industrial revolution, and especially since about 1950. The global climate science community, numbering at least 1,000, agrees virtually unanimously that the warming is caused mainly by human activity. This includes burning fossil fuels for energy and cement manufacture, destruction of forest reservoirs of the Earth’s carbon, and emission of synthetic chemicals with exceptionally high ability on a molecule-for-molecule basis to act as greenhouse gases.

Global warming has harmful consequences for humanity. Various regions of land are experiencing warmer climates, leading to heat waves and drought in some regions, and increased occurrence of extreme storms with flooding in others. Droughts cause worsening of wildfire patterns around the globe. Droughts and floods lead to crop failures which stress the global food supply. Hotter temperatures melt mountain glaciers and ice sheets, and cause water in the oceans to expand, both of which contribute to sea level rise. These climatic harms are projected to continue for centuries as warming continues unabated. They cause physical damage and socioeconomic disruption worldwide.

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