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A dispatch from Nancy Alderman at Environmental and Human Health Inc. reads:

EPA letter to OWF manufacturers of Jan. 31, 2014 lays out where the manufacturers have misled the public. This is in response to the findings of four citizen groups that alerted the EPA to what the manufacturers were claiming. Those organizations were: Environment and Human Health , Inc., Clean Air Fairbanks, Clean Air Rights for Everyone of NY, and Andrea Weiland of Wisconsin.

EPA letter to manufacturers of May 9, 2013 tells the manufacturers that they are to remove the hang tags of their phase ll models because their efficiency standard claims are simply incorrect.

The “sometimes” made claim that the Phase ll OWFs units are “90% cleaner” can not be substantiated and the false claim has created additional problems for the public’s health.

Meanwhile, Environment and Human Health, Inc, American Lung, Northeast, and the Sierra Club, Connecticut, have sent a legal petition to the CT DEEP requesting that they promulgate health-protective wood smoke air standards

Read the first letter here. Read the second letter here.

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