Ban Fracking Waste Disposal in Connecticut

Feb 21st, 2014 | By | Category: General

Unfortunately, states without industrial oil and gas development such as Connecticut can still be negatively impacted by the disposal of waste products from fracking. Oil and gas companies often look to other states to dispose fracking waste. Volumes of toxic, radioactive, and caustic waste pose storage, treatment, and disposal problems:

Toxic Fracking Waste

Contaminated flowback fluids that return to the surface during the drilling process can contain a variety of toxic chemicals used in this process. An independent analysis revealed that of the chemicals used in gas drilling, 50% could cause brain damage, 37% could affect the endocrine system, and 25% could cause cancer or mutations. The production brine that flows out of a producing gas well can be five times saltier than seawater, can contain trace amounts of chemicals used for fracking, and bring up other naturally occurring contaminants that have been buried underground. The drill cuttings, which is the drilled rock removed from the well bore, can be contaminated by naturally occurring contaminants such as radioactivity.

For more on this story, visit: Ban Fracking Waste Disposal in Connecticut – Citizens Campaign for the Environment.

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