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Apr 9th, 2014 | By | Category: Transportation

While New Haven’s Community Development Committee met last week to discuss a redevelopment plan for Route 34, New Haven bikers, car owners and environmental activists held their breaths.

The project will remake an area of the city bounded by Dwight Street, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Orchard Street and Legion Avenue, partly filling the void left by Route 34 West, which was never built. The project — coordinated by developer Centerpoint Companies along with nonprofit Continuum Healthcare — will include facilities for the nonprofit such as a pharmacy, an office building, a restaurant and a parking garage. The project is an attempt to correct a 1959 decision to build an expressway directly through the center of lower-class housing. However, at the meeting last Wednesday many New Haven alders and city residents expressed concern that the project will be deleterious for bikers, car owners and for the environment.

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