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A few days ago an amendment offered by Sen. Andrea Stillman and Rep. Betsy Ritter was added to the 2014 Conveyance Act, which is substitute bill 5550. Here’s the link to the amendment:


The amendment is to sell the Seaside Regional Center (buildings by architect Cass Gilbert) in Waterford to “the entity selected to purchase the property” in an RFP issued by the state in 2009. The developer has until Jan. 1, 2015, to buy the property. This is a fabulous property, which has been in play for several years. It is difficult to determine the intent of the amendment, but the language does not appear to reference or require preservation of the buildings, public access, or the like. These may very well be stipulated elsewhere, but should they also be in the Act?

Late amendments to the Conveyance Act are not subject to a public hearing. The State Lands Working Group and Sen. Ed Meyer tried to establish reforms to the process but no dice this year.

If you want to know more about the Seaside transaction, probably it would best to contact the sponsors.

Fracking update: Most important. The industry reportedly does not like the term “frack.” It prefers “frac.” I wonder why.

Second most important: Whether CT will ban fracking waste, or regulate it, or take some other action will likely be decided early next week. The governor does NOT favor a ban, so if you do, call him at

TEL: (860) 566-4840
TOLL-FREE: (800) 406-1527

Ask him to support Senate Bill 237, which bans fracking waste. Also thank him for achieving the long-sought conservation of the 1000-acre Preserve in Old Saybrook.


Pesticides: The last surviving bill curbing excessive pesticide use is

SB 46 AN ACT CONCERNING PESTICIDES ON SCHOOL GROUNDS. It extends the present ban on the use of lawn care pesticides in schools grades K-8 to include schools with students in grades 9-12, inclusive.

To give this any chance of making it through to law, contact any legislator you know and also Sen. Pres. Don Williams and Majority Leader Marin Looney, both of whom can be reached at 860-240-8600. Also thank them for their work on SB 70, the bill that moves us a giant step forward on protection for state conservation lands. It passed the Senate and is now in House!

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  1. Thanks for picking up this story. One correction. Prescient as I am, I cannot yet write POST-legislative session news until the session has actually ended (or almost ended). I’m working on it, and thanks for the compliment, but the news was actually a legislation in-progress report. Margaret Miner, Rivers Alliance of Connecticut

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