Heavy rains lead to sewage spills around the state

May 2nd, 2014 | By | Category: Featured Story

Millions of gallons of partially treated sewage overflowed into multiple Connecticut rivers on Thursday.

The heavy rains did more than take a toll on the drainage systems. It tested the limits of sewage pipes in more than a dozen cities and towns.

Officials with state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has confirmed 13 towns have reported discharge of partially treated sewage water and the heavy rain is solely to blame.

State officials told Eyewitness News this incident happens when the water flow gets so high, it becomes unmanageable and basically untreatable.

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The rain started falling heavily at lunchtime Wednesday and hardly let up until Thursday morning.

Water streamed off the streets and sidewalks into storm drains connected to pipes that lead to Long Island Sound.

There was ponding in low-lying places, but the storm drains generally worked OK.

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