Denying Global Warming Has No Scientific Basis, by Henry Auer

May 17th, 2014 | By | Category: Climate Change

A denier of global warming asserts that the recent U. S. National Climate Assessment includes statements “that are (at best) misleading.”  The denier inappropriately claims the Assessment’s use of a graphic image overlaying recent annual carbon dioxide emissions and annual values of global average temperature “shows correlation, and implies causation.”  The denier cites the Medieval Warming Period and the Little Ice Age, having occurred in the absence of significant change in carbon dioxide level, as showing that temperature variations need not even be correlated with carbon dioxide.

This post shows this view to be overly simplistic.  Here the scientific findings presented in the previous post, “The U. S. National Climate Assessment: Warming Is Due to Human Actions” are summarized.  These demonstrate the scientific and logical rigor leading to the conclusion, based on all the relevant science (not merely a portion portrayed in a single graphic image), that manmade greenhouse gas emissions arising from burning fossil fuels are indeed responsible for global warming.  This post also uncovers inaccuracies and inconsistencies surrounding the denier’s citation of the Medieval Warming Period and the Little Ice Age in support of his assertion that temperature and carbon dioxide level are not connected.

In fact it is shown here that observed global temperatures result from the combined effects of many climatic factors, of which the CO2 level is only one.  Carbon dioxide is, however, the principal driver of contemporary global warming.

From Global Warming Blog by Henry Auer: Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) are responsible for global warming, the long-term worldwide average warming experienced since the industrial revolution. GHGs arise from human use of fossil fuels for energy. Major emitters of GHGs include both industrialized countries and, in recent decades, developing countries as well. Higher global temperatures cause the extremes of hot and cold, and wet and dry, weather of recent years. This blog examines global warming and its effects.

For more on this story, visit: Global Warming Blog by Henry Auer: Denying Global Warming Has No Scientific Basis.

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