ebm-papst Inc. makes new investments in energy-saving facility upgrades

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Solar arrays and HVAC upgrades recently installed at the Farmington-based ebm-papst are projected to yield annual savings in heating and cooling costs which the company plans to reinvest in production and R&D growth. Part of the company’s ongoing GreenTech efforts to bring the next generation of efficiency to its entire complex, these systems go online as the company celebrates its annual GreenDay week.

“Our GreenTech philosophy focuses heavily on plant energy consumption, logistics-saving process improvements and customer relationships,” said ebm-papst Inc. president and CEO Bob Sobolewski. “By using roof space for new solar and HVAC systems on both our administration and production facilities, we’re enhancing the company-wide energy savings measures we’ve had in place for years.”

After replacing the black roof of its administrative building with a heat-reflective rubber-membrane white roof, ebm-papst Inc. plans to install 5 inverters and 480 solar panels that will generate 130 kilowatts of electricity at peak output. Earlier this year, the company installed a new high-efficiency, 200-ton 15-unit HVAC system with an average Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating of 12.0 for both its administration and engineering-production facilities. This new unit replaced a 1999, 9.0 SEER-rated HVAC system. To boost efficiency, a sophisticated web-based control system will allow for in-house and remote monitoring. ebm-papst blowers power the new HVAC units.

These recent solar and HVAC upgrades follow the company’s 2011 and 2012 installations of two solar arrays on the roof of its manufacturing facility which generate up to 550 kilowatt hours of solar electricity per day for HVAC systems, computers and lighting in the plant and engineering building. ebm-papst fans cool the power inverters for both arrays.

In line with that philosophy, the company’s alternative energy products online brochure offers a wide range of electronically-commutated (EC) motor-driven fans that allow solar energy producers to minimize their power consumption during partial load situations, such as on a cloudy or low wind day. To prevent wind-turbine failures due to overheating, ebm-papst offers cooling solutions for inverters and electronics, pitch drives, generators, tower air conditioning, gear units, and nacelle air cooling.

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