Governor Malloy Signs Fracking Waste Moratorium into Law

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Fracking waste.

Fracking waste.

Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE) is applauding Gov. Dannell P. Malloy for signing Public Act 14-200 into law, which enacts a three year moratorium on toxic fracking waste in Connecticut. The legislation was passed with strong bi-partisan support in the House and Senate, and saw an outpouring of grassroots support across the state. In total, activists generated over 7,850 signatures and more than 3,250 hand written letters from the public to elected officials in favor of a ban on fracking waste in 2014.

The new law would enact a three year minimum, four year maximum moratorium, during which no party may store, treat, dispose of, transfer, or sell fracking waste or fracking waste by-products in Connecticut. During that three year period, the commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) will establish an appropriate regulatory approach necessary to ensure that fracking waste does not create a hazard for Connecticut’s air, land, water, and public health. The legislation authorizes the commissioner to prohibit fracking waste outright as part of that determination.

“Unless it can be determined that there is a way to safely handle the toxic byproducts of fracking, they should be kept out of Connecticut,” said Senator Ed Meyer (D-Madison). “Fracking is a dangerous process that generates millions of gallons of hazardous wastewater, and has been linked to serious health and environmental consequences, even causing earthquakes. The bill signed today by Governor Malloy will help protect Connecticut by keeping fracking waste out of our communities.”

“With the signing of this legislation, Connecticut has established itself as a national leader in dealing with toxic fracking waste,” said James Albis, (D-East Haven). “The hazardous waste loophole is now closed in our state, ensuring that our public water supplies will be safe from these toxic waste products.”

State Rep. Tony Hwang (R-Fairfield) said, “Fracking waste can have a profound impact on our environmental, public health and well-being in CT. I am grateful for the legislative process that has raised awareness and engaged in a respectful and articulate exchange on the scientific and economic implications of Fracking. I also wanted extend my appreciation to DEEP for their input and counsel in making this bill a reality. I am thrilled to reach our goal of ensuring public health and protect our residents from potentially dangerous chemicals.”

“This is an important day for Connecticut,” said Rep. Jonathan Steinberg, (D-Westport). “This law will help protect the health and safety of residents across the state, while sending the message that our water resources are of paramount importance. I am proud to know that Connecticut is now at the forefront of states taking action on this critical issue.”

“CCE applauds Governor Malloy for taking an important step forward in acknowledging the dangers of fracking waste and enacting protections to ensure that it does not threaten our health and communities,” said Louis Burch, CCE Government Relations Liaison. “However, this is only the first step. CCE is committed to keeping fracking waste out of Connecticut, and will continue to pursue an outright prohibition on this environmental and public health threat.”

Fracking creates millions of gallons of toxic, potentially radioactive wastewater at every well, as well as potentially radioactive solid waste, known as drill cuttings. Federal law fails to adequately regulate the management and disposal of fracking waste, making it essential that Connecticut protect itself from this dangerous waste.

“Toxic fracking waste poses an unacceptable threat to our water resources and public health, and should never be sent to our sewage treatment plants or landfills, spread on our roads, or trucked through our communities,” continued Burch.

For more on this story, visit: Connecticut Says “No” to Toxic Fracking Waste! – Citizens Campaign for the Environment Press Release.

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