Questions are being raised over proposed tire-shredding plant in New Haven

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A billion scrap tires cluttered the landscape of America in 1990.

The emergence of tire-shredding facilities — such as one that has expressed interest in New Haven — helped shrink those stockpiles by 90 percent during the next two decades.

But questions remain for some about how the waste management solution is regulated, and whether the end product is a health concern.

For more on this story, visit: Proposed tire-shredding plant for New Haven raises questions.

President of Environment and Human Health Inc., Nancy Alderman writes:

1. Saint Gobain Plant on the corner of Grand Avenue and East Street. This site is in the middle of many commercial businesses. Bender’s plumbing supply is directly across the street from this site, and it is two blocks from a park where children were playing. I cannot imagine putting a polluting plant on that site. It is a block from the Quinnipiac River.

2. The closed Simkins plant on East Street. This is across from the old power plant on the Quinnipiac River, just north of the Q River Bridge. Having just saved the Fair Haven population from the polluting power plant – I am not sure why one would subject them to another source of pollution. Again, the site is on the Quinnipiac River. A quote from Anstress Farwell. “The City has just adopted the Mill River Study into its Comprehensive Plan of Development. This excellent study outlines a range of compatible uses for the area where light industrial uses, marine, housing and general businesses will all mix. Noxious, dangerous uses, such as the tire shredding operation, are contrary to this plan. The report can be downloaded at:

This site could, because of its unusual hydrology, play a critical role in a flood management plan for the area (see pages 44-57 of the report). Using the site for a tire shredding operation would preclude this concept.”

3. The Former Hess Property on River Street that the City of New Haven owns. This site is directly on the Quinnipiac River – and it is really a very lovely parcel of land right on the River. One would hope it could be used for something that would enhance the River — or at the very least – something that would not harm the river. It actually could be a very beautiful site – certainly not to be given over to something as polluting as a tire shredding plant.

Visiting those sites today – one could plainly see the industrialization that had once been in New Haven and was there no longer. That is simply a fact of our times. It is understandable that the city would want to develop this area and bring back the tax revenue that once existed. However, it is really important to begin to take back our waterfronts and put them to the kinds of uses that protect the waterways – not harm them.

These three sites, and in fact New Haven and CT, are simply no place for a tire shredding plant.

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