Barrier At Nuclear Plant Canal ‘Orange Scar’ On River

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Public objections to an orange boom that blocks access to a popular canal off the Connecticut River have prompted state environmental regulators to ask the owners of the Connecticut Yankee power plant site who installed the barrier to modify it.

“We’ve asked them to look at alternatives, such as removing it or moving it back,” said Dennis Schain, spokesman for the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. “We’re anxious for them to complete an evaluation of other options.”

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Although the plant was shut down in 1996 and fully decommissioned in 2007, a portion of Connecticut Yankee property is still considered a nuclear site because 1,100 spent fuel rods are stored there in huge concrete casks in a guarded zone above the river.

During its 30 years of operation, Connecticut Yankee restricted access to the discharge canal by boat, but fishermen were allowed to gather along the banks of the man made inlet. The floating boom was removed in 2007 and the canal once again became popular with fishermen, this time arriving by water.

But the boat access began to worry Connecticut Yankee managers, who said their concerns were heightened by the Boston Marathon bombings of April 2013, and another incident at a power plant in Tennessee in which a boater allegedly tried to shoot a plant guard.

For more on this story, visit: Barrier At Nuclear Plant Canal ‘Orange Scar’ On River – Hartford Courant.


There is a petition in circulation to get rid of the orange barrier and free up the area to fishermen, naturalists, kayakers and other who enjoy the natural setting.

This 220′ fluorescent orange barrier is truly ugly and mars the natural scenic beauty of the CT River. CT Yankee, a private corporation, closed off – without a permit, a one-mile stretch of the CT River. The company accomplished this by first installing the barrier and then afterwards, applied for a CT-DEEP permit telling state regulators that the federal government required blocking access to this public waterway for homeland security and to protect the public. Evidence shows this claim is not true…that the federal government neither required nor authorized the closing of this waterway. Evidence also shows that CT-DEEP did not investigate the legitimacy of the claims CT Yankee made in its permit application. This ugly orange barrier has no right being there and protects no one but CT Yankee’s corporate interests.

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