A Keystone XL activist gets his day in court

Oct 28th, 2014 | By | Category: Climate Change

Even though Johnson wasn’t allowed to mention climate change, the jury still went easy on him. There was no jail time, though the judge doubled the fines recommended by the prosecutor and levied the maximum for each count: $500 for obstructing a public official, and $500 for continuing to talk to some supporters after the police officer arresting Johnson told him to stop talking (which apparently also counts as obstructing a public official). The judge also charged him $545 for the cost of putting on the trial.

The jury returned its verdict quickly — “I think they wanted to get home,” said Johnson. Johnson is delighted that a year and a half of planning for a trial in rural Oklahoma has come to an end, and that the jury didn’t think he was a serious danger to society.

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