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Groups deliver thousands of comments critical of planned natural gas regulations

Dec 5th, 2013 | By

Environmental groups Wednesday delivered thousands of comments critical of New York’s proposed liquefied natural gas regulations and demanded the state withdraw the proposals and start over. The regulations would allow LNG fueling and storage facilities in New York for the first time since 1973, when the state imposed a moratorium after an LNG facility explosion

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Thousands flock to Albany, delivering a pledge to resist fracking | Waging Nonviolence

Aug 29th, 2012 | By

Several thousand people flooded New York’s state capital Monday, delivering letters to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office containing pledges to take nonviolent direct action against hydraulic-fracturing, or fracking, should gas companies be allowed to drill the state. Since taking office in 2010 Cuomo has been weighing whether to open New York up for fracking, but a

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NY Transportation Forum Reveals United Woes

Sep 27th, 2010 | By

Albany and New York City can seem worlds apart, but when it comes to transportation woes, there may be more similarities than differences. At a September 21 forum held at the Albany Public Library, “Fighting for Greater Transportation Equity in New York State,” the dire situation for transportation funding and the need for safer, more

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