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Lorca earthquake ’caused by groundwater extraction’

Oct 22nd, 2012 | By

Scientists studying the fault beneath the Spanish city of Lorca say that groundwater removal may be implicated in a deadly 2011 earthquake there. Detailed surface maps from satellite studies allowed them to infer which parts of the ground moved where. They report in Nature Geoscience that those shifts correlate with locations where water has been

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Old Pollution Problems Continue To Plague Gas Station Industry |

Jun 22nd, 2012 | By

Connecticut’s gas station owners failed this year to get the legislature to extend indefinitely a state cleanup fund for leaky tanks, but they are using the withdrawal of an insurance company as a chance to re-open the argument. At issue is who should pay for soil and water remediation after gasoline leaks from underground storage

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Fracking: green groups denounce report approving further exploration in the U.K.

Apr 18th, 2012 | By

Campaigners reacted angrily on Tuesday to the recommendation by government advisers that “fracking” for shale gas can resume in the UK, despite reassurances that the controversial technique is safe. In a report published today, experts said fracking could resume with stronger controls after it was halted last year following two earthquakes near Blackpool after the

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Gas ‘fracking’ gets green light | The Guardian

Apr 17th, 2012 | By

A quick note from the editor: You’d think we in the U.S. had had no problems with the practice of fracking. Doesn’t anyone pay attention to what’s going on with this stuff? Doesn’t anyone care? What’s going on? Ministers have been advised to allow the controversial practice of fracking for shale gas to be extended

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Celebrate World Water Day Today — 22 March 2012

Mar 22nd, 2012 | By

There are 7 billion people to feed on the planet today and another 2 billion are expected to join by 2050. Statistics say that each of us drinks from 2 to 4 litres of water every day, however most of the water we ‘drink’ is embedded in the food we eat: producing 1 kilo of beef for example consumes 15,000 litres of water while 1 kilo of wheat ’drinks up’ 1,500 litres.

When a billion people in the world already live in chronic hunger and water resources are under pressure we cannot pretend the problem is ‘elsewhere’.