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Bike Racks To Be Installed On 50 New M8 Metro-North Rail Cars

Mar 10th, 2014 | By

A total of 50 bike racks will be installed on Connecticut’s new M8 rail cars serving the New Haven Line in Fairfield County, the state Department of Transportation announced.

Bikes hooks being tried on Metro-North

Feb 1st, 2014 | By

“We’re really excited about this,” said Matthew Feiner, owner of Devil’s Gear Bike Shop in New Haven. “To be able to put a bicycle on Metro-North and be able to travel in and out of New York City with a bicycle so you can be a better, more effective commuter is huge.”

Pedal power meets solar power in New Haven

May 29th, 2013 | By

When he is not riding around powered on yogurt and eggs, or rice and beans as the case may be, Bobcat Carruthers is devising ways to use the sun to assist him in his daily living, which include riding his bike to and from his home in Bethany.

The popularity of electric bicycles is on an incline. Just flick the switch on the natural wood grained dashboard of Bobcat Carruthers’ electric bicycle and the volt meter instantly indicates how much power is left in the batteries that are attached to a piece of plywood on the back of the bike.

Score 1 for New Haven cyclists: Connecticut transportation officials approve changes in Route 34 plan

Jan 13th, 2012 | By

The state Department of Transportation has approved all 50 modifications requested for the first phase of the Route 34 conversion to urban boulevards that were changed to make them more pedestrian and cyclist friendly. The New Haven Register reports.

Say whether you want bike hooks on trains

Nov 2nd, 2011 | By

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) and Metro-North Railroad (MNR) are requesting customer feedback on the pilot study of bike mounts on the New Haven Rail Line.

Copenhagen’s novel problem: too many cyclists

Oct 6th, 2011 | By

According to the Danish Cyclists’ Federation and Wonderful Copenhagen, the official tourism organisation for Denmark, the sheer success of the drive to get more locals and tourists on bikes is creating a dangerous, intimidating and unpleasant climate for cyclists in the city. Read more here: Copenhagen’s novel problem: too many cyclists | Amelia Hill |

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City Wants To Make More Room For Bikes

Oct 1st, 2010 | By

The next time someone puts up a building with 10 parking spots, the city wants two spots carved for bicycles, too. Cycling enthusiasts applauded the proposal—and pushed for more. The discussion took place at last week’s City Plan Commission meeting in City Hall, where city officials talked about ways to “green” some of its regulations.

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