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Connecticut’s swamps are natural wonders, vital parts of the environment

Sep 11th, 2014 | By

Connecticut is peppered with hundreds of wetlands in various sizes and configurations containing diverse plants and animals. They are essential parts of the state’s hydraulic circulatory system, providing benefits we take for granted. They’re worth making time to visit, even if your feeling a bit swamped. For more on this story, visit: Connecticut’s swamps are

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Collinsville author David Leff writes of hidden CT treasures

Jun 23rd, 2012 | By

David K. Leff’s new book, “Hidden in Plain Sight,” extols the virtues and rewards of deep traveling, and the many treasures awaiting the observant and patient explorer acrosss Connecticut. “It’s all about discovering what’s near at hand,” said Leff, 57. “When we go on vacation, our eyes are open. I feel we can get the

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